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Advanced Biofuels - Potential for Cost Reduction

IEA Bioenergy - New Publication

IEA Bioenergy has published a new report on the potential for advanced biofuels cost reduction carried out under Task 41 with contributions from Germany, Netherlands and Sweden. The report “Advanced Biofuels – Potential for Cost Reduction ” confirms that there is a gap between the cost of the advanced biofuels and current fuel prices.

2020-04-01 | International | publication | synthetic fuels

Bioenergy Retrofits for Europe’s Industry – Handbook published

BIOFIT ( is an EU project that aims to facilitate the introduction of bioenergy retrofitting in Europe’s industry. The consortium experts have now published a handbook that shows why and how to retrofit.

2020-04-01 | International | publication | conversion technologies

17th International Conference on Renewable Mobility

More than 600 participants from 25 countries attended the conference and took part in the presentations and discussions regarding possible options for a more sustainable future mobility serving under the goals of the Paris Agreement and the obligations of the REDII.

2020-04-01 | International | conference review | renewable energy

Bio-Based Chemicals: A 2020 Update

A new report and a webinar from IEA Bioenergy Task 42 “Biorefining in a Circular Economy”

Since the first issue of the IEA Bioenergy Task 42 report on bio-based chemicals in 2011, the importance of a circular economy has become evident. In the transition to a circular economy, chemicals and materials produced from biomass will play a key role. This update of the 2011 report addresses the main biobased chemicals that could potentially be co-produced with secondary energy carriers in integrated biorefinery facilities.

2020-04-01 | International | publication | Bioeconomy

Innovation Fund

On 5-6 February 2020, a group of technical experts selected by the members of the Innovation Fund Expert Group (IFEG) met to discuss potential methodologies to estimate GHG emissions avoidance and relevant costs of innovative projects eligible for funding under the Innovation Fund, in the preparation for the first call for proposals expected for June 2020.

2020-02-18 | EU | conference review | R&D

Eco-Mobility 2020

The 15th International A3PS Conference - Eco-Mobility 2020 is going to take place on 12 and 13 November 2020 in Vienna, Austria.

2020-02-18 | Austria | event note | alternative powertrains

Renewable Fuels Are Crucial

International Conference on Renewable Mobility Discusses the "Green Deal" and Defossilisation of the Transport Sector.

2020-02-18 | Germany | conference review | advanced motor fuels

Contribution of Advanced Renewable Transport Fuels to the Decarbonisation of Transport in 2030 an beyond

Just how large can and must the contribution of advanced renewable transport fuels be? - This question was answered in the final project workhop on Transport Decarbonisation in November 2019 in Brussels.

2019-12-17 | International | conference proceedings | sustainability

Potential of HTL routes for biofuel production

The first joined Expert Workshop took place on the 19th November 2019 in Brussels. Almost 100 participants attended, making the workshop very successful. A number of industry speakers, as well as research speakers have given presentations.

2019-12-17 | International | conference proceedings | conversion technologies

ETIP Bioenergy Stakeholder Plenary Meeting and ADVANCEFUEL Workshop

The 9th Stakeholder Plenary Meeting of the European Technology and Innovation Platform Bioenergy (ETIP Bioenergy) confirmed the many opportunities already available today to use sustainable biomass for supporting the clean energy transition in Europe.

2019-12-17 | EU | conference proceedings | bioenergy

IEA Bioenergy Task 39 Newsletter #53

The latest Newsletter (#53) from IEA Bioenergy Task 39 is online on their Website.

2019-12-17 | International | newsletter | biofuels

Clariant successfully concludes testing of energy crop miscanthus at Straubing plant for GRACE project

Clariant announced today that it has conducted tests on approximately 30 tons of miscanthus provided by INA, Croatia’s leading oil and gas company. The miscanthus biomass was harvested and baled at the INA demonstration site in Croatia in February this year and shipped for processing to Clariant’s pre-commercial sunliquid plant in Straubing, Germany for conversion into lignocellulosic sugars and ethanol.

2019-10-11 | International | project | conversion technologies

First production of isobutene from wheat straw at demo scale

Sugars from wheat straw have been produced with Clariant’s sunliquid® technology at its pre-commercial facility in Straubing, Germany, which have been shipped to Global Bioenergies’ demonstration plant in Leuna, Germany

2019-10-11 | International | project | conversion technologies

Drop-In Biofuels: The Key Role that Co-Processing will Play in their Production

IEA Bioenergy Webinar - Presentation online

The presentation and recording of the IEA Bioenergy Webinar Drop-In Biofuels: The Key Role that Co-Processing will Play in their Production can be seen online.

2019-10-11 | International | conference proceedings | biofuels

Top European Specialists on Renewable Gases join Forces in R2Gas

In July 2019 the CEOs of some of the top specialized SMEs on renewable gases in Europe decided to join forces in a new association called R2Gas (Research Centre for renewable gases) to further develop the production technology of renewable and sustainable gases as one of the energetic pillars of future energy production.

2019-10-11 | EU | press release | biogas

The potential of Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL) Routes for Biofuels Production

BEsustainable Magazine Autumn 2019

News, information and resources on biomass, bioenergy and bioeconomy with focus on Hydrothermal Liquefaction.

2019-10-11 | International | newsletter | conversion technologies

New study compares potential of different decarbonisation options in road transport

Sustainable fuels could play an important role in reducing transport emissions even as electric vehicles become cheaper says a new study from VTT and the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

2019-10-11 | International | publication | Transport Sector

Top Ten Blendstocks For Turbocharged GasolineEngines

Bio-blendstocksWith Potential to Deliver the for Highest Engine Efficiency

Gaspar,Daniel. 2019. Top Ten Blendstocks For Turbocharged GasolineEngines: Bio-blendstocksWith Potential to Deliver the for Highest Engine Efficiency. PNNL-28713,Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

2019-10-11 | International | publication | biofuels

AMF Annex 58: Transport Decarbonisation Workshop

The Contribution of Advanced Renewable Transport Fuels to the Decarbonisation of Transport in 2030 an beyond

A workshop on “The Contribution of Advanced Renewable Transport Fuels to the Decarbonisation of Transport in 2030 an beyond” will be held on 18th of November in Brussels.

2019-10-09 | International | event note | mobility

Latest AMFI Newsletter

IEA AMF Advanced Motor Fuels

The latest AMFI Newsletter from the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme on Advanced Motor Fuels has been published.

2019-10-09 | International | newsletter | alternative powertrains
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