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ECO-BIO 2018: Team up to accelerate the global bioeconomy

The ECO-BIO 2018 will take place in Dublin, Ireland on 4 - 7 March, 2018.

2018-02-06 | International | press release | Bioeconomy

34th FEW Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo

The 34th Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo will take place in Omaha, Nebraska on 11 - 13 June 2018.

2018-02-06 | International | event note | ethanol

Oleofuels 2018

The Oleofuels 2018 conference will be held in Helsinki, Finland on 6 - 7 June.

2018-02-06 | International | event note | biofuels

AltAir Biojet Fuel Refinery achieves RSB certification

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) announced the certification of AltAir to produce biojet fuel, renewable diesel and naphtha, a gasoline component.

2018-02-06 | International | press release | biorefinery

Greenhouse gas emissions in rapeseed cultivation need to be assessed realistically for mitigation

A network of eight partners investigated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the cultivation of rapeseed.

2018-02-06 | Germany | press release | emissions

Europe: Aviation and shipping face big challenges in reducing environmental impacts

A massive shift in innovation, consumer behaviour and the take up of more ambitious green technologies to power aircraft and sea-faring cargo ships will be crucial to reducing their long-term carbon footprint.

2018-02-06 | EU | publication | emissions

Alternative fuel vehicle registrations: +35.1% in fourth quarter; +39.7% in 2017

In the fourth quarter of 2017, demand for alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) in the EU continued to grow; results were 35.1% higher than in 2016.

2018-02-06 | EU | press release | markets

China surpassed the United States as the world’s largest crude oil importer

China surpassed the United States in annual gross crude oil imports in 2017, importing 8.4 million barrels per day (b/d) compared with 7.9 million b/d for the United States.

2018-02-06 | International | press release | energy supply

Venice 2018 - 7th international symposium on energy from biomass and waste

The call for abstracts for the Venice 2018 Symposium, to be held in Venice, Italy from 15-18 October 2018, is now officially open!

2018-01-25 | International | event note | bioenergy

Car and van manufacturers meet CO2 emission targets for 2016

All car and van manufacturers met their CO2 specific emission targets in 2016 but they will need to continue their efforts to meet future agreed-to cuts.

2018-01-25 | International | press release | emissions

AkzoNobel and Gasunie looking to convert water into green hydrogen using sustainable electricity

AkzoNobel Specialy Chemicals and Gasunie New Energy have joined forces to investigate the possible large scale conversion of sustainable electricity into green hydrogen via the electrolysis of water.

2018-01-25 | International | press release | advanced motor fuels

Public consultation on the next EU Research & Innovation programme

On 10 January 2018, the European Commission launched a series of public consultations clustered by key policy areas, in preparation for the EU's next long-term budget post-2020 (MFF). Citizens, organisations and businesses can give their views online until 8 March 2018.

2018-01-25 | EU | call | R&D
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