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Advanced Biofuels - Potential for Cost Reduction

IEA Bioenergy - New Publication

IEA Bioenergy has published a new report on the potential for advanced biofuels cost reduction carried out under Task 41 with contributions from Germany, Netherlands and Sweden. The report “Advanced Biofuels – Potential for Cost Reduction ” confirms that there is a gap between the cost of the advanced biofuels and current fuel prices.

2020-04-01 | International | publication | synthetic fuels

Bioenergy Retrofits for Europe’s Industry – Handbook published

BIOFIT ( is an EU project that aims to facilitate the introduction of bioenergy retrofitting in Europe’s industry. The consortium experts have now published a handbook that shows why and how to retrofit.

2020-04-01 | International | publication | conversion technologies

17th International Conference on Renewable Mobility

More than 600 participants from 25 countries attended the conference and took part in the presentations and discussions regarding possible options for a more sustainable future mobility serving under the goals of the Paris Agreement and the obligations of the REDII.

2020-04-01 | International | conference review | renewable energy

Bio-Based Chemicals: A 2020 Update

A new report and a webinar from IEA Bioenergy Task 42 “Biorefining in a Circular Economy”

Since the first issue of the IEA Bioenergy Task 42 report on bio-based chemicals in 2011, the importance of a circular economy has become evident. In the transition to a circular economy, chemicals and materials produced from biomass will play a key role. This update of the 2011 report addresses the main biobased chemicals that could potentially be co-produced with secondary energy carriers in integrated biorefinery facilities.

2020-04-01 | International | publication | Bioeconomy

Innovation Fund

On 5-6 February 2020, a group of technical experts selected by the members of the Innovation Fund Expert Group (IFEG) met to discuss potential methodologies to estimate GHG emissions avoidance and relevant costs of innovative projects eligible for funding under the Innovation Fund, in the preparation for the first call for proposals expected for June 2020.

2020-02-18 | EU | conference review | R&D

Renewable Fuels Are Crucial

International Conference on Renewable Mobility Discusses the "Green Deal" and Defossilisation of the Transport Sector.

2020-02-18 | Germany | conference review | advanced motor fuels
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